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How it works?

Get the perfect essay from Wajebaat in just three easy steps

How it works?
  • Give us the details

    Fill out the order form with essay instructions your teacher has provided. We'll quickly match you with the right writers. All you need to do is to register. Tip & Tricks

    • The more detailed your instructions are, the more accurate the final paper will be.

    • If needed, include relevant resources, links and academic level of English (ESL/ENL) in the Paper Instructions field.

    • A further deadline may result in a lower price.

  • Track your projects with ease

    Manage your orders easily: сheck status, see progress history, collaborate with your writer from your desktop or on the go, add funds to your balance and use it to pay for orders after you are 100% satisfied.
    Tip & Tricks

    • You will always receive notifications. They will inform when a draft is ready, when you receive a chat message from your writer, or when the final paper is uploaded.

    • By using the account dashboard you can check your available funds, view order history, or check current order progress.

    • Maintain continuous communication with your writer via chat. This allows you to discuss any difficult points or important sections of the essay.

  • Get the perfect essay

    Review your finished essay and leave feedback for your writer. Pay only when all requirements are met and you are 100% satisfied with the result.
    Tip & Tricks

    • All drafts of your paper are stored in your personal account, therefore, you can download at your convenience.

    • Once you have received the final document, any complaints or requested revisions can be made as mentioned in the revision policy.

    • Your writer doesn’t get paid until you’re happy with an essay.

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