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How To Make An Essay Longer?

Wajebaat, 20 February 2022

How To Make An Essay Longer

The majority of prompts encourage you to write a brief essay with a limited word count and to express yourself in "500 words or less." Being laconic, on the other hand, isn't necessarily a good thing. Teachers will occasionally ask you to write five pages on an unusual topic in order to assess your research thoroughness. With information scant and the deadline looming like a cannonball, you may begin to wonder, "How can I make my essay longer without spending another weekend in a library?"
Fortunately, there are several simple techniques to make your essay lengthier in terms of both word count and appearance without putting in too much effort. We've compiled a list of all the tips and tricks that students have tried and tested throughout time.

How To Make Your Essay Look Longer

Most prompts urge you to write a brief essay with a specified word count of "500 words or fewer." LA conicity, on the other hand, isn't necessarily a plus. Teachers may request that you write five pages on a certain topic to assess your research thoroughness. With information scant and the deadline looming like a cannonball, you may wonder, "How can I lengthen my essay without spending another weekend in a library?"

Fortunately, there are several simple techniques to increase the length of your essay without putting in a lot of effort. We've compiled a list of all the tricks and hacks that students have tried and tested throughout time.


Larger Font Classics

You can do that if you are allowed to submit your essay as a physical copy rather than a digital copy. In most cases, academic paper formatting guidelines demand you to submit your work in Times New Roman. There are, however, typefaces that seem quite like Times New Roman but are significantly bigger (Bookman Old Style is just one such example). At first sight, no one will notice the change, yet it will offer you an instant volume increase.


Boost The Font Size

Of course, everybody with even a basic understanding of word processors is aware of this simple ploy. You have the option of using a bigger font size. A teacher's trained eye, on the other hand, can see it from a long distance. You can try to put it into practice, but you'll have to be cunning to succeed. Manually specify the desired increment, which should be between +0.1 and +0.5 – but not more since it will be too visible otherwise.


Make Essay Longer: Period Trick

This clever hack will increase the number of lines on each page by several. Simply replace all periods and commas in your text with slightly bigger and italicized versions. This is completed in a matter of seconds. Simply select "Find and Replace" and type "." into the "Find" box. Choose "Format" in the "Replace" box and then "Font" in the "Font" options. Then italicize it with a font size that is 1-2 points bigger than the rest of your content. Your text, for example, is 12 pt. Your periods must then be 14 pt. and italicized.

Your eyes will explode because of the outcome. Now go ahead and do the same thing with all your commas. Isn't it incredible?


Adjust The Line Spacing

This is another tried and true strategy that became too evident because of student misbehavior. However, if you are discreet and not overly greedy, it can still work. The spacing between lines is usually a set value specified in your formatting options. You can, however, slightly increase it. If your document must be single-spaced, for example, you can get away with making it 1.1 or 1.2. Select "Paragraph" in "Format" –> "Line Spacing" –> "Multiple" in "Line Spacing" and set the "By" factor to 1.1. (Or 1.2 but no more).


Adjust The Character Spacing

This one is particularly interesting since it makes use of hundreds of minor adjustments to get a significant outcome. Because it is hidden further down in the menu, the character spacing method is utilized less frequently than the line spacing. Go to the "Font" menu, pick "Advanced," then "Space" and "Expanded" to change the spacing between the characters in your essay. Then, in the "By" field, type 1.2. You can go up to 1.5, but that's very close to being visible, so be cautious.


Margins, Footer, Running Head

You can gently raise the right and bottom margins of your essay using the same judgment as before. You may get a similar effect by including page numbers in the footer and running head, which will automatically adjust the top margin to accommodate them. All these together reduce the amount of space available per page and distribute your text across additional pages.

By the way, the running head is an APA style requirement, so there's no reason not to include one. However, keep in mind that running head is only appropriate for lengthy papers with several pages.

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How To Make An Essay Longer With Words

That was how to make an essay look longer without adding any new words to make it longer in fact. Let's pretend your assignment called for a word count rather than a page count. So, what are your options?


Heck If You Have Said Everything You Meant To

Are you sure you don't have anything else to say? Revisit your homework and review the original prompt. Have you responded to all the questions? Have you used all the resources that were advised to you? Have you taken the proper approach to your argument?

Try drafting a strategy for your essay (also known as "reverse outlining") to discover whether any holes in your logic exist. Perhaps you neglected to provide some details that you intended to include.


Give More Definitions

Providing definitions for the important topics you use in an essay is a good habit, so why don't you use it to lengthen the essay?

If you've previously defined all the words, compare, and contrast alternate meanings. Make a case for whether one best suits the objective of your research or is the most current and relevant.


Add Supporting Evidence and Examples

Even if your arguments are tired, you may still support them with additional actual proof and renowned instances. This is especially beneficial in persuasive essays because each example may be turned into a story. Examples, on the other hand, can readily be used in various sorts of papers.


Throw In A Quote Or Three

Make use of quotations to bolster your case. Don't scrimp on them, don't paraphrase them, and make sure you reference them correctly. They will take up more space if you style them as quotations in your word processor. This has no bearing on the word count, but it's still a wonderful bonus.



You may communicate the same notion using multiple words rather than just one. Instead of "my roommate Claire," you may write "Clair, a pleasant lady with whom I share a room in the dorm suite." That's thirteen words instead of the usual three.

However, don't get carried away. Otherwise, you risk making your work overly wordy, which will result in your teacher docking points for lack of clarity.


Restore Abbreviations

Because abbreviations were created to make things shorter, they are your adversary in your fight for length. Write "World Health Organization" instead of "WHO." Write "the United States of America" instead of "USA." That will offer you three to five new terms where you previously just had one.


Eliminate Contractions

Even though academic style prevents contractions in the first place, it's possible you've employed them out of habit. Make sure you've gotten rid of all the "it's" and "don'ts." Use the "Find" option and enter the apostrophe in the search box to check your essay for contractions.

With any hope, your essay is now twice as it was before, but we can't guarantee that all these tactics will work the second time around — at least not with the same teacher.

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